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  • Less Violent Crime, More Marijuana: Study Finds Pot-Related Offenses on Rise

    Less violent crime, more marijuana: Study finds pot-related offenses on the rise

    10 hours ago

    Activist Ray Turmel holds a bag of medical marijuana as he smokes a marijuana cigarette, outside the building where the federal election Munk Debate on Canada’s Foreign Policy is being held in Toronto

    Less violent crime, more marijuana: Study finds pot-related offenses on the rise

    Despite an increasing number of Americans who do not view marijuana use as a crime, pot arrests across the United States increased last year for the first time since 2009, Marijuana Policy Project said on Monday. More than 88 percent of the marijuana arrests were for possession, and not for trafficking or other offenses. While marijuana use remains illegal for any reason under federal law, 23 states allow the use of cannabis products for medical purposes. Voters in District of Columbia, Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon have legalized recreational marijuana, and Ohio votes on the issue in November.

    It’s time for state officials to step up and end the outdated policy of marijuana prohibition.
    Marijuana Policy Project spokesman Mason Tvert
    The FBI annual report said violent crime nationwide fell slightly in 2014, continuing a trend seen for at least two decades. More Americans did use marijuana in 2014, according to data released earlier this month from the Department of Health and Human Services’ National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

    There’s just no good reason that so much police time and taxpayer money is spent punishing people for marijuana when so many murders, rapes and robberies go unsolved.
    Marijuana Majority Chairman Tom Angell

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