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  • Cannabis: comparative risk assessment


    A recent comparative risk assessment study of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other illicit drugs, conducted by Scientific Reports (a subsidiary of Nature), may be yet another prove that Marijuana is possibly even safer than previously thought

    In the attempt to quantify the risk of deaths associated with a variety of common used substances, alcohol appears top be the deadliest substance, reinforcing a drug safety rankings developed already over 10 year ago

    While it is understood there is a potential risk associated with virtually anything we put in our bodies (sugars anyone?) it is everyday more clear how it becomes hard to demonize for example cannabis, while being ok with , for example, prescription painkillers which are responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths each year.

  • Playlist 18-2-2015

    Back to our weekly music selection: 9 new tracks across different genres we like to bounce at
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  • Loyalty



    The quality of being loyal to someone or something.

    A strong feeling of support or allegiance

    We are very pleased to announce Loyalty, our newest addition to the Delta Nine catalogue.As part of the collection we have the T-shirt in black with White print, super soft fitting crew, 100% combed cotton, printed neck label as well as the snapback hat with Raised 3D embroidered logo comes in 3 colors: Heather Grey, Denim with black stitching and Denim with white stitching


  • Playlist 2-5-2015

    Here we are with our second installment: 9 selected tracks from some of our favorite artists.
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  • Shaping the Future of the Cannabis Industry?


    Just a few days ago we have seen the world's first consumer operated Marijuana vending machine fully installed and ready to be operational.
    Its name is ZaZZZ and it is designed to make age-verified vending of cannabis products by providing a layer of authorization using the same systems as pharmacies for purchase regulation.

    It makes possible fully unattended purchases inside a dispensary or other regulated cannabis establishment with an internal system that control the temperature of the environment keeping all products fresh and cool.

    The company manufacturing this vending machine, American Green, has installed the very first one in Seattle on the 29th of Jan.

  • Playlist 1-29-2015

    Some of the music we <3

  • Jamaica, one step away from marijuana legalization and production


    For the first time the country's Rastafarian community in Jamaica could be able to smoke it legally.

    The Jamaican cabinet has approved a bill that legalizes the possession of small amounts of marijuana, allowing also a licensing authority for the cultivation, sale and distribution of marijuana for medical purposes.Now it is in the hands of the Senate for approval.

    The bill also proposes that smoking of marijuana will be banned in public spaces.

    Many governments around the world have begun to recognize that heavy policies and the crackdown on drugs has failed, hence a more permissive approach to the use of Ganja seems these days (finally?) be the general trend.

  • Z-man - Smoke One Witcha Boy :: Official Video ::

    Based in SF, Zamon, or better known by his stage name Z-Man (also goes by Z-Mainey, Z-Dazzle), is an acclaimed underground rapper and painter from the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Frequent collaborator with artists in a collective called "Gurp City"( Sacred Hoop, Grand Invincible, G-Pek, Conceit, TOPR, MC Oroville and Bay Area legend Eddie Def) as well as with other iconic collectives of the likes of Hieroglyphics Crew, Disflex.6, and Refill Records , Zman has been releasing 8 full lenght albums in the past 19 years.

    Z-man's first album appearance was with his group '99th Demention' (circa 1996) consisting of Z Man hmself, King Maz, Young Slim, Rated R, Rev Cope and P.B.F.-1. The group was compared to 'The Pharcyde' early on, despite having a unique style. After their first album together, the group members began working on solo projects.

    H released two solo albums in 2003 and 2003 produced by the Hieroglyphics label, Dope or Dog Food? and Anti-Nerd.In 2008, he signed as a solo artist to San Francisco label Machete Vox Records, working on an album titled Six Pack Of Dynamite, produced by BOAC and DNAE BEATS.The same year his group 'One Block Radius' get signed with Mercury/Island/Def Jam Records.

    Z-Man is also a painter with a broad body of acrylic on canvas paintings that portray cartoon style hybrid creatures in vibrant, bold color schemes, that often have thematic references to black culture. He paints all of his album covers and T-shirt designs, and has painted and drawn many album covers for other hip hop artists.

    Here below one of Zman creations for Delta Nine clothing available at out web store here

    Street Pigeon

  • 9 Days of Xmas Giveaway!


    We are running a little Xmas contest here at Delta9, and we are giving away three prizes from our winter collection to 3 lucky winners

    here the rules:

    1. Go to Instagram and FOLLOW us @delta9ineclothing
    2. REPOST the picture and put #D9xmas
    3. TAG us @delta9ineclothing

    Good luck, and don't forget to tell your friends!

  • Delta 9ine Flagship Store


    We are really proud to announce the opening of our new Delta9 Flagship store located in Pacific Beach, San Diego.

    D9 is a brand not for the faint of heart but for those who are original, take chances and are driven to pursue their passions. Rooted on the West Coast and encompassing the
    culture of the streets, D9 thrives in the Snow, Skate, Surf, Hip Hop, Reggae and Bass communities and beyond.

    Established in 2005, D9 define those who live with an open mind and an active lifestyle. With each detail finely tuned we take great pride in the quality and the time spent to
    customize and develop every single one of our products.Since the very beginning we have stayed true to our roots and continue to support and sponsor the highly inspirational and underground world of up and coming Musicians, DJ's, Athletes and Artists.

    One of our main focuses is to help develop and build the careers and passions of the people we stand behind and not ride the coattails of those who have already achieved
    success.D9 continues to produce concerts, boarding events, charity and fundraising events spreading the love for the D9 lifestyle worldwide.
    As brands and trends come and go, Delta 9ine is built for longevity. “Often Duplicated never Originated”. Experiment life with Delta Nine aka TheOriginalD9.© 2014